Vanilla Ice became the first white rapper to be taken seriously on the charts, but people who knew him as a kid thought he would be an even better dancer. He came to prominence because of his hit “Ice Ice Baby.” However, that is not the only thing he has done to be a part of the pop culture narrative. The Vanilla Ice net worth rose and fell quickly, and the Vanilla Ice wife is a private matter because he is a private person. You might remember Vanilla Ice songs, and his life story is listed below.

How Did He Begin?

Vanilla Ice was born Robert Van Winkle on Halloween of 1967 in Miami, Florida. This is not a definitive location, but most people believe that he is a native-born Miamian. He started out as a dancer because he was the son of a misc teacher who appreciated art and culture. He was one of the people who started out dancing early, and he was also one of the most avid Motocross riders in the region

He started out with break dancing when he was a teenager, and he soon found himself enveloped in the hip hop culture that would be a part of his aesthetic going forward. He ended up moving to Carrollton, Texas, and he ultimately left R.L. Turner High school before graduating.

Vanilla Ice was a dancer who frequented a nightclub in Dallas that was known as City Lights. Tommy Quon owned the club, and he noticed that Vanilla Ice was the best dancer on the floor. There is a man known as Earthquake who helped with songwriting on Vanilla Ice’s albums, and he has noted that people knew Vanilla Ice had the best feet on the dance floor. Because of the mostly-black clientele at the club, a lot of people thought that Vanilla Ice could appeal to the black community that already loved rap and hip hop.

Vanilla Ice Songs

Vanilla Ice made his signature song in 1989 on an album that was picked up by SBK records. Ice Ice Babu was played on a Georgia radio station at the time, and interest grew for Vanilla Ice and his music. Because of the success of Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice was touring with rap greats like MC Hammer, and he became a pop culture icon overnight.

Vanilla Ice appeared in the Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequels in 1991, and he made the song “play That Funky Music” which took material from the original 1976 song. This was a time for him to come out with a new song and a new hit that would sustain his prominence, and he released another album that was based around this single. However, the Vanilla Ice net worth did not hold because music tastes change so quickly.

Career Decline

Interview for “Ice By Ice” in 1991 showed that Vanilla Ice had many claims about his life that people wanted to look into. The reporters that were looking into what Vanilla Ice said found that facts about his life were exaggerated or false. Vanilla Ice said that his manager inflated the facts, but there were other times that he said he changed the facts to protect his family.

Vanilla Ice became the object of scorn in the music industry because he was dominating the charts where acts like Public Enemy were much more engaged in social commentary. People found his lyrics to be boring or silly, and he was even dubbed the Elvis of rap because he was making money on a predominantly-black art form.

He tried to star in “Cool As Ice” in 1991, but the film was a flop that only made a million dollars at the box office. There are a lot of people who were tired of Vanilla Ice being in the limelight because they saw him as a one-hit wonder that needed to go away. He could not even get the title track of the movie to play on the radio as much as his first hit.

Vanilla Ice even dated Madonna in 1992, and he was part of her controversial book known as “Sex.” However, he moved on to hard drugs and alcohol because he realized that he fame was fading. This led to a dark period that would include many shots at a comeback.

Comeback Attempts

Vanilla Ice had to walk away from his persona in 1994 after a suicide attempt. The suicide attempt was something that shook him to his core, and he decided to stop making music. He even went back to extreme sports because he thought that might be a good thing for him and his mental health. He was jet skiing competitively under his real name, and he even started an extreme sports shop in Miami called 2 The Extreme. He was trying to find a new way to be himself, but he eventually went back to music in 1998.

Vanilla came out with a new album in 1998 called “Hard To Swallow” that was a much more hardcore rock album. He got Ross Robinson to help him make the album because Ross had worked with Korn and Limp Bizkit. This production was so dark that Vanilla Ice called it his therapy session, and it even offered a song called “Scars” that talked about how bad his childhood was.

“Bipolar” and “Hot Sex” were his next two albums, and they were not even noticed by much of the public because the 2000s were not a time for his kind of music. Vanilla Ice was trying to find a way to get back in the spotlight, and he did that by fighting Todd Bridges on Celebrity Boxing on MTV. He lost the fight, but he moved on to another property that gave him a platform to meet the public. Vanilla Ice was on The Surreal Life, and this was the time that people took notice of him again. He gained a following in the very early days of social media, he was able to go back to extreme sports because he has a platform with the public that gave him a little name recognition.

He participated in the early days of the X Games on ESPN, and even though he came seventy in an event in 2003, he said that the track was where he felt the happiest.

Recent Work

He did not give up on music totally, and he used his appearances on TV to give his next album a boost. When he came out with “Platinum Blonde” in 2005, he was able to score more appearances on TV that allowed him to remain in the public discourse.

He has gone back to Ice Ice Baby for more musical inspiration, and he even came out with a cover album that allowed him to sing a lot of music that was more intriguing to him. Because of this, he was able to perform shows again. He appeared with MC Hammer in Salt Lake City, and he was able to plan more shows for the future.

Vanilla Ice Wife And Family

He has said that the music he makes today is for himself, and that is admirable as he is now living in Florida with his wife and two daughters. He has decided that he will be able to have a happy life even if he does not come back to his original level of fame. He is also still doing TV appearances as he will also on Dancing With The Stars as one of the celebrity contestants.